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For each playable Faction (currently The Dragon, Illuminati, and Templars) characters are able to progress with their standing within their faction. Your standing with your faction, is known as your Faction Rank.

Each rank has a minimum Level that you must achieve before being granted it. Once you have reached the level associated with a faction rank, you will receive a call from your faction handler.

Each rank grants you a new icon that is displayed next to your name when you are viewed by other players. Additionally you will have a new Title that can be displayed with your name. You will automatically be granted the new faction rank, icon, and title once you reach the associated character level.

It is optional to display your faction Title, and you can display any title from your current rank or lower. However, you are not able to change which faction rank icon is displayed with your name, and it will always be the highest you have achieved.

Dragon Illuminati Templar
Rank Level Icon Title Text Icon Title Text Icon Title Text Notes
1 1 Dragon rank 1.png Unknown None Illuminati rank 1.png Gofer None Templar rank 1.png Unknown None Starting rank
2 10 Dragon rank 2.png Unknown Unknown Illuminati rank 2.png Rookie Unknown Templar rank 2.png Unknown Unknown
3 15 Dragon rank 3.png Unknown Unknown Illuminati rank 3.png Contributor I'm liking the direction your performance is going here, and that's pretty much the sweet spot for our relationship. Lets try to keep those metrics in the green. Templar rank 3.png Unknown Unknown
4 20 Dragon rank 4.png Unknown Unknown Illuminati rank 4.png Mover Unknown Templar rank 4.png Unknown Unknown
5 Unknown Dragon rank 5.png Unknown Unknown Illuminati rank 5.png Unknown Unknown Templar rank 5.png Unknown Unknown
6 Unknown Dragon rank 6.png Unknown Unknown Illuminati rank 6.png Unknown Unknown Templar rank 6.png Unknown Unknown
7 Unknown Dragon rank 7.png Unknown Unknown Illuminati rank 7.png Unknown Unknown Templar rank 7.png Unknown Unknown
8 Unknown Dragon rank 8.png Unknown Unknown Illuminati rank 8.png Unknown Unknown Templar rank 8.png Unknown Unknown
9 Unknown Dragon rank 9.png Unknown Unknown Illuminati rank 9.png Unknown Unknown Templar rank 9.png Unknown Unknown
10 Unknown Dragon rank 10.png Unknown Unknown Illuminati rank 10.png Unknown Unknown Templar rank 10.png Unknown Unknown
11 Unknown Dragon rank 11.png Unknown Unknown Illuminati rank 11.png Unknown Unknown Templar rank 11.png Unknown Unknown
12 Unknown Dragon rank 12.png Unknown Unknown Illuminati rank 12.png Unknown Unknown Templar rank 12.png Unknown Unknown
13 Unknown Dragon rank 13.png Unknown Unknown Illuminati rank 13.png Unknown Unknown Templar rank 13.png Unknown Unknown