Extracurricular Activity

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Extracurricular Activity
Region: Solomon Island
Zone: Savage Coast
Start Coords: 253,412
Given by: Field
Type: Item
Reward: 80,020 Experience Experience
Repeatable: Yes
Game Version: TSWicon.png TSW
Added in: No Data

This notebook seems to belong to Headmaster Montag. Under a section titled "DOOMSDAY SCENARIOS," underlined twice, Ami Dexter features prominently due to her strong, untapped powers. This may be as close as MOntag gets to concern.

Journal Entries

  • Tier 1: Montag's notes predict that as Ami's hereditary power awakens, she will become a target for the preciously hibernanting wendigo of the Vinterskog Woods, Investigate and head the creatures off.



Dragon.png The Dragon

The wendigo are not thoughtless beasts. They were human once. They do not react on instinct alone. There is a greater scheme to their method, and they had specific designs on the Native American woman.

But it was not yet her time. She still has a part to play. Both you and the headmaster got it right.

We much move in the directions the universe take us, but we must also direct the movements of the universe.

Illuminati.png Illuminati

Don't be fooled into thinking that H.J. cares about this woman. His interests are always purely academic, and I can personally vouch for his complete lack of empathy for anything not related to the running of his school. I'm not sure he even knows the meaning of the word.

But if H.J. saw a need for keeping her safe, it's a fair bet she could become a useful asset.

Clearing out the threat to her was the right play, champ. now you just have to make sure it was worth our while.


Templars.png Templar

Even if I question his allegiance, I can’t but approve of his meticulous record-keeping. Mr Montag does seem to have his books in order

While I’m certain you remember my directives about saving the world on a case by case basis, your decision to act on this matter was the correct decision.

If this Ami is everything Mr Montag claims she is, I think it’s in everyone’s best interest that we help keep her around.

R. Sonnac


There are 2 tiers to this mission.

Tier 1/2

Tier 2/2

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