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This page is for checking up on a various parts of Blue Mountain zone.

Main Page

Is there a main page for the zone with appropriate information


  • Over = Overview (Background, Timeline)
  • NPC = A list of NPCs (Resident / Non-Resident / Not-Encountered)
  • Agar = Agartha Entrance Location listed
  • LOC = Locations (Buildings / Landmarks)
  • Map = Maps (Lore / Rare / Mission)
  • Link = Links (Mission List / Dungeon / Achievements / Monsters)
Blue Mountain Page
Name Over NPC Agar LOC Map Link
Blue Mountain X X X X X


When the text in the article is exactly the same as it's written ingame mark an X in it's box. If there is no information to add there use an O instead.


  • Image = Image for mission, or at least quest giver
  • Box = Missionbox information
    • Region/Zone/Location or Coords/Givenby/Type/Added-In
  • Text = Basic Journal Text for the Mission
  • Diag = Cutscene Dialogue
  • JE/T = Journal Entries for each Tier
  • Walk = Basic Walkthrough with at least the steps per Tier if not more detailed information
  • DrR / IlR / TeR = Mission Turn-in / Report - for Dragon, Illuminati, Templar respectively
  • Reward = XP / Pax / Sequins
Blue Mountain missions
Name Image Box Text Diag JE/T DrR IlR TeR Reward
The Ghosts and the Darkness X X X X X
The Haunting X X 1/2 X X
Funeral Crasher X X X X X
Off the Menu X X X X X
Jack of the Lantern X X X X X
The Filth
The Orochi Group
Dreamcatcher Missing Old Joseh Notebook X X X X X
The Darkness War
The Darkness War Revisited
The Filth Amendment
Win Win
Open Season X X X X X
Out of Our League X X 1/2 X X
Enemy of My Enemy
The Benevolent Conspiracies
Homeland Insecurity
War of the Totems
The House Always Wins X X O
Picking Up the Pieces X X O
The Whole Truth X X O
A Delivery for the Departed X O X X X
Breaking News Tablet Image X O X X X
Crash X O 1/2
Detritus Prime X O 1/2 X X
Echoes in Eternity X O 1/2
Hide-and-Seek Paul Gamelins' Note X O X X X
Hunted X O 1/2
Know Thy Enemy
Last Will and Testament
Maine Chainsaw Massacre X O X X X
Points of Interest
Postmarked Atlanta
Room 502
Scaredy-cat X O X X X
Skeleton in the Attic X O 1/2
Signs & Symbols
The Experiment
The Scout
They Are Called Darkness X O X X X
They Died So That Others May Live
Treasure Hunt
Up In Flames X O X X X
The Search For Tyler Freeborn
The Research Of Tyler Freeborn
The Tenacity of Tyler Freeborn
The Vanishing of Tyler Freeborn


For each NPC, once we have a the information correctly recorded put an X in that box


  • Image = Image of NPC
  • Box = NPCBOX information
    • Region / Zone / Location or Coords / Type / Faction
  • Descrip = A basic overview / description
  • Mish = Missions initiated or involved in
  • Diag = Dialogue. Page should have N/A if it is N/A or 3 separate dialogues if there are any.
Blue Mountain NPCs
Name Image Box Descrip Mish Diag
Eleanor Franklin
Sasquatch Chief
Ellie Turner
Gage Turner
George Turner
Johanna Turner
Nick Turner
Annika Gamelin
Frank Madahando
Joe Madahando
Old Joseph
Paul Gamelin
Ernesto Ramirez
Frank McGrath
Karen Olsen
Killian Forsythe
Marianne Chen
Mavis Anderson


For each location, mark with an X if we have the information for that location


  • Image = Image of NPC
  • Box = Locationbox information
    • Region / Zone / Type / Faction
  • Descrip = A basic overview / description
Blue Mountain Locations
Name Image Box Descrip Notes
Abandoned Factory X X X
Authentic Wabanaki Village X X X
Franklin Mansion
Golden Wigwam Casino X X X
The Casino Pits X X X
The Asylum X X
The Turner House shell page
Wabanaki General Store
Wabanaki Trailer Park
Whale Watching
Ash Forest X X
Azeban Span X X
Black Goat Pass X X
Blue Ridge Mine X X X
Devore Bridge X X
Joanna's Trail
Kraken Point
Kraken Cove
Moon Bog
Moon Cove
Nameless Bridge
Orochi Research Base (Blue Mountain)
Skull Island
The Quarry X X X
Wabanaki Holy Site
Military Camp


Put an X in each box for the dungeon as it is properly recorded


  • Image = Image of dungeon, or related questgiver
  • Back = Background Information (normal only)
  • Env = Environmental Hazards
  • B1 = Boss 1 (Image, Monsterbox, Abilities, Tactics, and Loot)
  • B2 = Boss 2 (Image, Monsterbox, Abilities, Tactics, and Loot)
  • B3 = Boss 3 (Image, Monsterbox, Abilities, Tactics, and Loot)
  • B4 = Boss 4 (Image, Monsterbox, Abilities, Tactics, and Loot)
  • B5 = Boss 5 (Image, Monsterbox, Abilities, Tactics, and Loot)
  • B6 = Boss 6 (Image, Monsterbox, Abilities, Tactics, and Loot)
  • Oth = Other Monsters
  • Lore = Lore Locations (Normal Mode only)
Blue Mountain Dungeons
Name Image Back Env B1 B2 B3 B4 B5 B6 Oth Lore
The Darkness War (Dungeon)
The Darkness War (Elite)
The Darkness War (Nightmare)


Mission Item