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CategoryTree:Media for Category:Media.[1]
Media (32 subcategories)[2] ↞─☇ (Game Basics is the Parent Category for Media.[3])
Icon media[4]───Cover art[5]───Currency media*
Inventory icons[6]~───Currency media[7]
Bag icons───Consumable icons───Event icons───Glyph icons───Material icons───Pet icons───Signet icons───Talisman icons───Toolkit icons───Weapon icons
      │                                   │                                                    │         
      │                           Major talismans                                      Minor talismans                                                                
      │                  ┌────────────────┼─────────────────┐                ┌─────────────────┼──────────────────┐
 Head talismans : Finger talismans   Neck talismans   Wrist talismans : Luck talismans   Waist talismans   Occult talismans

  1. (Note the "Category:" prefix has been removed from all links below this line for simplicity.)
  2. Currently, all subcategories on the Category:Media page contain image files with the exception of Category:Videos
  3. Category:Game Basics is the top level of this wiki's categorization; of the (inverted tree) trunk. There are many subcategories to 'Game Basics', but the only one shown here are those which contain images.
  4. A collection of symbol-type template images used to indicate specific information within the game. These image-symbols (icons) are used, and reused, to quickly convey information to the player.
  5. List of cover art images for box art and issue releases.
  6. A category for all the square-shaped icons that may be found and moved in your Inventory Panel.
  7. A category for all the media that may be found in the in-game Token Window which can be accessed by pressing the Inventory Window's Tokens button.