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Appeasing the Flame
Recommended Level: 45
Region: Valley of the Sun God
Zone: City of the Sun God
Starting Coords: ???
Given by: [[]]
Type: Action
Requires: An Interlude of Bedtime Stories
Repeatable: Yes

Mission Action.png Appeasing the Flame/tsw       Main Mission
Ptahmose says the Jinn have a deep connection to the land and may know something of these tremors and disturbances. Perhaps an appropriate offering to Amir would make the fire Jinn more forthcoming with his knowledge. Perhaps the lost rings of Solomon...
Tier 1
Seeking out local Jinn activity may turn up something of interest.
  • Search the nearby Hell incursion for Jinn activity


Tier 1/5

  • Search the nearby Hell incursion for Jinn activity. Centered (853,159).
  • Examine the dropped note.
  • Search the area for a ring.
Four rings. Four elements. Four species of Jinn. Four rings. Separate and lost. Each desires its mates. To be whole again. See the serpent, the sky ladder. Air is its head. Fire is its tale. Water sits at the bottom of the belly. It yearns to be whole once again.
First Ring within (864,133). Several Partially Buried Objects surround the area. Dig them up to find the randomly placed ring. One found at (853,97).
  • Pick up the Air ring.

Tier 2/5

  • Go to the next location marked on the map. Centered (644,370).
Dig in the sand at (656,369).
  • Defend yourself.
  • Dig in the sand.
  • Pick up the Water Ring.

Tier 3/5

  • Go to the next location marked on the map. Centered (837,592).
  • Search for the ring.
Dig through the sand piles in the area. One was found at (833,586).
  • Pick up the Earth ring.

Tier 4/5

  • Go to the final location marked on the map. Centered at (991,596).
  • Take the Fire ring from the Rakshasa's corpse.
  • Assemble the rings in the flame of a nearby Brazier.
    • The exact configuration within the assembly interface does not appear to matter. The original poem was possibly meant to describe such a configuration.
  • Survive Amir's Response.
    • After delivering a speech, Amir will hit you for a large amount of damage. However, it is most likely a fixed percentage of your total health. So long as you enter the conversation with full health you should be fine.

Tier 5/5

  • Search for the Atenists. Centered at (897,977).
  • Subdue the Atenists.
  • Capture the Vessel of Aten's Dreams.
    • If you do not complete the Capturing mechanic in time, he will run off to a new location and you will have to chase him down and engage him again.





I have to make offerings to unforgiving beings too. The only sacrifices they take are intel. Check back when you have more to give me. Ciao-ciao.




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