A New Dawn

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SWLicon.png This article concerns content for Secret World Legends. This content is not available for the TSWicon.png TSW Classic version.

A New Dawn
MissionTitle ANewDawn.png
Region: No Data
Zone: No Data
Start Coords: No Data
End location: New Dawn
Given by: Automatic
Type: Story
Recommended Level: 50
Reward: 60,486 Experience
Repeatable: No
Story Arc: Dawn of the Morninglight
Previous Mission: Laying Low in the Limelight
Next Mission: The Cult of Personality
Game Version: SWLicon.png SWL
Added in: Update 2.2.1

After lying low and keeping a low profile for some time, a mysterious text prompts you out of the shadows and into action.

Journal Entries

Mission Story.png A New Dawn       Story Mission
UNREPEATABLE (Recommended Level 50)
After lying low and keeping a low profile for some time, a mysterious text prompts you out of the shadows and into action.
Tier 1
An unknown caller sent you a rather cryptic text message.
  • Read the SMS
  • Go to Kingsmouth Municipal Airport
  • Search for the person who texted you
  • Board the plane
Tier 2
Che managed to get you into the heavily-guarded Morninglight camp, New Dawn, as a new recruit. Three levels of initiation stand between you and Marquard's mansion. According to Che, your best hope in gaining access to the mansion is to blend in as a Foundling and work your way up to the status of Anointed. With no phone signal, you are truly on your own.
  • Complete the mission "The Cult of Personality"
  • Take the gym master's challenge
  • Survive the fight
Tier 3
Sampson, the gym master, proved himself to be a worthy opponent. With the day coming to a close, you should head back to your Foundling quarters.
  • Return to your cabin
  • Investigate the strange lights
  • Return to your cabin
  • Complete the mission "Things That Go Bump in the Night"
  • Return to your cabin and sleep until morning
  • Go to the guard post
Tier 4
Che was surprised to see you had become Anointed so soon, but wasn't interested in the details. What he is interested in are mission files pertaining to the reasons why the Morninglight sent him to influence John Copley in Tokyo. Locate the file called "Foulfellow and Gideon". A good place to start would be at your (or rather Marika's) new quarters.
  • Complete the mission "Foulfellow and Gideon"
Tier 5
Enraged at being used as a puppet by the Morninglight, Che has offered to help you get into the Favoured Precinct. Meet him, after dark, at the wall.
  • Complete the mission "One Flew Over"
  • Go to the Agartha portal
Tier 6
The restoration of cell phone access brings a deluge of texts from your faction. They seem none too pleased with your absence. Meet your faction handler at the Agartha portal in the warehouse.
  • Complete the mission "Wrath of the Dawn"
Tier 7
The opposition is cleared. The hidden entrance tot he mansion has been revealed. It is well past time to bring the fight to Marquard.
  • Complete the mission "Into the Fold"


There are 7 tiers to this mission.

Tier 1/7

  • Read the SMS
    • Click on the envelope icon.
  • Go to Kingsmouth Municipal Airport
  • Search for the person who texted you
    • Same map area as before
    • When you reach the right spot, a cutscene will play
  • Board the plane
    • It's marked on your map at (738,818)
    • Interact with the plane (you may need to go to the pilot's side)
    • TIP You'll receive a prompt that you will be leaving the area and that any active "main mission" (action or sabotage) will be paused.
    • After a load screen, another cutscene will play

Tier 2/7

  • Complete the mission width The Cult of Personality
  • Take the gym master's challenge
  • Survive the fight
    • NOTE You cannot win, Sampson has 128,442 hit points
    • NOTE You will ultimately lose.
    • TIP Use Defend (4) and dodge as much as you can.
    • TIP You can use heal potions and your gadget.
    • TIP There is an achievement for lasting 60 seconds or more.

Tier 3/7

  • Return to your cabin
    • Leave the gym
    • A cutscene will play
  • Investigate the strange lights
    • It's marked on your map at (416,742)
    • Jump up the boxes and onto the ledge, the interact with the window
    • A cutscene will play
  • Return to your cabin
    • It's marked on your map at (531,744)
    • Jump up the boxes and interact with the window to leave
NOTE You may be shot at by a mysterious sniper, take cover if needed.
BUG The mission pointer if it's night may be pointing to the wrong place.
  • Go to the guard post
    • It's marked on your map near (412,737)
    • A cutscene will play

Tier 4/7

Tier 5/7

  • Complete the mission width One Flew Over
  • Go to the Agartha portal
    • Go to the warehouse, it's marked on your map at (411,737)
    • TIP You can get past the gates by simply jumping down off of the wall (or one of the guard ramps).
    • TIP You may wish to go after any additional New Dawn 'night' champions you may have missed.
    • TIP Along the way you may wish to complete width Truck Sabotage (if you haven't already)
    • TIP Along the way you may wish to complete width Kongamato Calamity
    • TIP Before entering the warehouse you may wish to complete width A Monstrous Siege (initiated by killing the demon next to the warehouse door)
    • NOTE As you head north away from where "One Flew Over" ended, you will receive a call from your faction handler
    • NOTE As soon as you enter the warehouse, tier 6 will begin and "Wrath of the Dawn" will automatically start.

Tier 6/7

Tier 7/7


Dragon.png FROM: The Dragon
To: <Character Name>
Illuminati.png FROM: The Labyrinth
To: <Character Name>
Templars.png FROM: Temple Hall
To: <Character Name>
"Secret World Legends"
Exp.png 0
Anima Shards.png 0
  SWL Patron Icon.png Patron Bonus
Exp.png + 0
Anima Shards.png + 0
XP Per Tier
  • Tier 1: 10081 Exp.png
  • Tier 2: 10081 Exp.png
  • Tier 3: 10081 Exp.png
  • Tier 4: 10081 Exp.png
  • Tier 5: 10081 Exp.png
  • Tier 6: 10081 Exp.png


NOTE Some of the following dialogue is actually from the missions required by the story mission and provided here for context.

Tier 1 - Airport      

You look around the airport when you hear a familiar voice.

Che: Hey, long time no see, hero.

You prepare to blast him into dust.

Che: Whoa... WHOA! Hear me out, hero. Think!
Che: You got all the time in the world to turn me into that greasy-gorgeous Hiroshima shadow on the wall with your flash-bang voodoo...
Che: AFTER you weigh my words on their own fucking merit. OK?
Che: Alright. I lied. I've seen you recently, hero. On the TV.
Che: Lot of unwanted attention, am I right? Good time for a vay-cay, eh?
Che: One time offer. You. Me. On that plane. No questions asked.
Che: Do that, and I give you Philip Marquard.

You frown with suspicion.

Che: I know. I KNOW! Be a fool to trust me.
Che: But.. But Philip-FUCKING-Marquard. What would your bosses say if you let that opportunity slip?

You nod.

Che: Alright! You and me, hero. I know the secret ways to give the stinky pinky to the quarantine.
Che: Smoke 'em if you got 'em. Gonna be a loooooong flight.
Tier 2 - Arrival at New Dawn      

Fade in, it appears you are in South Africa... and Che is still talking as you both approach a guarded wall.

Che: ...So I'm zipping up my fly... ...and I say, "You thought I meant Kabuki?"

You glare at him.

Che: What? Sometimes a story's so visceral you need a couple dozen hours to tell it, right?
Che: Anyway, I give you... New Jerusalem!
Guard: Stop right there.
Che: Whoa-whoa, amigo. This is the new recruit. Paperwork's all turned in. Above board.

The door opens and you and Che walk through.

Che: That's it. The big man's house. Between you and that are three levels.

As you walk inside the compound:

Che: New recruits start here at the first level - Foundling.
Che: Shitty accommodations. Shitty chores. But you got to start somewhere, right?
Che: Earn your keep and you get to the next level - Anointed. Right over there.
Che: Better digs. Easier work, telecommunications mostly, "Hello, sir or madam, can I talk to you about the Morninglight?"
Che: The exemplary make it to the next step - Favoured. They stay the closest to Marquard's home.
Che: So go on, do your tasks, earn your way to Anointed. I'll meet you there.

You stop near a building:

Che: Meantime, no signal here. Far side of Pluto. No phone home. Comprende?
Che: This dude here will show you the ropes.
Tier 4 - Foulfellow and Gideon      
Che: Holy fuck Hero.
Che: Didn't expect you to make Anoited so fast.
Che: Colour me impressed.
Che: Follow me.
Che: You have to kill someone? Blow someone?
Che: Kill someone whilst blowing them?
Che: No! Don't tell me. Save the story for the plane ride home.
Che: This is your crib. We can talk here.
Che: Second thought, I'll talk. Quicker.
Che: I got this thing I need done.
Che: You do this thing, and I'll get you into the Favoured precinct.
Che: From there it's just a skip and a jump to Marquard's, comprende?
Che: I'm having... what might be construed as a crisis of fucking faith.
Che: Not in the Screaming-Void-of-Glorious-Change. I know it's out there.
Che: But in the ones preaching they'll get me there.
Che: The Morninglight sent me to Tokyo.
Che: Thought I was just there to de-virginize this local dude, John Copley.
Che: But things have gotten all kinds of complicated.
Che: I know the who and when and where. I want to know the why's.
Che: You get me the mission files, and I get you where you're going, uno-dos-tres.
Che: The mission name is "Foulfellow and Gideon".
Che: You remember that. "Foulfellow and Gideon".
Che: Get the files and get the hell back to dodge.
Tier 5 - One Flew Over      
Che: Fuck! Motherfucker! Puta!
Che: Right...
Che: John was just a gig. You know?
Che: They said "enable," so I enabled. It's like, my gift.
Che: I'm the Jiminy-Motherfucking-Cricket of debauchery.
Che: John was quiet, awkward.
Che: Fucked up. A loser.
Che: But then, so was I, when the Morninglight found me.
Che: But you get to know a guy.
Che: Tangled in a three-call-girl-pretzel, you really get to know a guy, you know.
Che: Tripping balls on ayahuasca through the seventh sphere of a Tool video piercing the skin of reality.
Che: I saw into John.
Che: Fear and loathing, man.
Che: Thing about John. Under that quiet.
Che: he was...vast.
Che: Continents, vistas, worlds and worlds surging under his flesh suit.
Che: And they took all of that and...just flushed him.
Che: Flushed him like a fucking cherry bomb.
Che: Right...right.
Che: Hero, you did good for me, now I do good for you.
Che: Tonight, you go by the wall, and I'll have it set
Che: so you can get to the Favoured Precinct.
Incoming Call      
D.K. You... You dewdropper. You lollygagger!
D.K. I yell and yell into the blower, and you don't answer, and I'm holding the phone to my ear like a broken sea-shell.
D.K. Does Uncle Daimon have to blow one down!
D.K. No. Don't answer. Listen.
D.K. Since you're already there, we had some undercover agents at that compound. But they all went silent too.
D.K. Find them. Make yourself useful, or I'm going to gag your lollies. Not even I know what that means! Now fade!
K.G. Well, well. Someone decided to answer their fucking telephone.
K.G. What happened, huh? Dead battery? No bars? You know what, don't answer.
K.G. Do you have any idea how long I've been trying to get a hold of you? Don't answer.
K.G. Now do you remember that cut list of mine. Well I just wrote your little name on it.
K.G. And as the ink dries, I invite you to contemplate how deadly fucking serious I get when I'm forced to go fucking analog.
K.G. You have one chance for me to white out your name, princess.
K.G. You're in South Africa, the Morninglight camp. We have undercover agents there.
K.G. Agents who are supposed to be there. But we've lost contact. Find them. Now.
R. Sonnac I trust you know what it means when I personally call you and there is no response.
R. Sonnac I trust you think you have some inkling of the punitive measures an organisation like ours can bring to bear..
R. Sonnac Trust me...you do not.
R. Sonnac You have seen some of the rooms in the great hall, but you have not seen them all.
R. Sonnac You have the barest particle of an understanding of the assorted nasties our leaders can let loose upon those who fall out of favour.
R. Sonnac But redemption, however unlikely, is still possible. I can hold you back up into the light of favour, but you must tread carefully.
R. Sonnac We have undercover agents in the Morninglight camp you took it upon yourself to visit. We have lost contact. Find them with all expedience.
Tier 5 - Call En Route to Agartha      
D.K. Hush now. No static. Uncle Daimon's coming to South Africa. See you soon.
K.G. If a queen bee wants something done right, she's got to drive terror into the hearts of her subordinates herself.
K.G. Hold your position. I'm coming into the field. I'd say not to be nervous but... Be. Nervous.
R. Sonnac Congratulations, you have avoided the chopping block.
R. Sonnac But the executioner has not removed his hood. I will be coming to South Africa personally to oversee your work.
R. Sonnac I'll be there shortly. In the meantime, think of a creative excuse. I've heard them all.
Tier 6 - Wrath of the Dawn      
D.K. Tell it to Sweeney!
D.K. The maw of the Dragon grows concerned with what its claws are getting up to, so I've come to oversee things personally.
D.K. I trust there's no objection. Ducky.
D.K. You want to get into the Marquard mansion. I want you to get into the mansion.
D.K. Let's pretend we're an elite clandestine organisation... See what we can figure out.
D.K. This is the mission file I would have given you if you hadn't gone off half-cocked. Think next time.
D.K. The mansion is protected, as you might have spied, but there's a secret way in.
D.K. More than one way to mutilate a cat, eh? We're past the event horizon now, my lovely.
D.K. Failure after this point would make me all grummy. You wouldn't like me when I'm grummy.
K.G. Nah-ah-ah. You're on mute.
K.G. The talking heads are concerned. You see, shit actually flows up.
K.G. You're looking bad and that's making me look bad. And that shit stops now.
K.G. Say nothing if you understand. Good.
K.G. You want to get into Marquard's mansion. I can facilitate that.
K.G. But no more amateur hour. You're elite and you're going to start acting like it.
K.G. This is the mission file I would have given you if you hadn't gone AWOL.
K.G. Think next time. Kay, sweet pea?
K.G. The mansion's protected, but you already found that out the hard way.
K.G. There is, however, a secret entrance.
K.G. Shocker, right? Don't fail.
K.G. Your kind is hard to kill, true.
K.G. But you can be put into an induced coma, intravenously fed liquified kittens, and forced to listen to Nickleback for all eternity.
K.G. Ciao-ciao.
R. Sonnac Silence is superior to most excuses.
R. Sonnac You once showed me you could follow the instructions written on the back of a card. I long for that level of competence!
R. Sonnac Do you understand the direness of this situation?
R. Sonnac I shall accept your silence as grim assent.
R. Sonnac With my help, you will gain ingress into Marquard's mansion. There, you will achieve your redemption.
R. Sonnac Had you checked with me first, this is the information I would have bestowed upon you.
R. Sonnac The mansion is protected, that you have already learned by a little trial and a lot of error.
R. Sonnac There is, however, a secret entrance.
R. Sonnac A moment.
R. Sonnac I put in a strong word for you. Now it is both of our heads on the chopping block.
R. Sonnac I happen to like my head. It complements my suit. Do not fail.

Other Information

Ability Bars

Fist Fight

MissionAbilityBar FistFightB.png
Slot Ability Type Description Activation Recharge
1 None
2 Power Left Special Ability A heavy left-handed attack. If the target's Guard is down, this attack will knock your target to the ground.
Lowers your left Guard when used.
1.5 6.0
3 Power Right Special Ability A heavy right-handed attack. If the target's Guard is down, this attack will knock your target to the ground.
Lowers your right Guard when used.
1.5 6.0
4 Defend Special Ability Adopt a defensive stance. Restores health every half second and significantly reduces incoming damage. 5.0 25.0
5 Quick Left Special Ability A quick left-handed attack, useful for interrupting slower attacks. If the target's Guard is down, this attack will interrupt the target.
Lowers your left Guard when used.
0.5 1.0
6 Quick Left Special Ability A quick right-handed attack, useful for interrupting slower attacks. If the target's Guard is down, this attack will interrupt the target.
Lowers your right Guard when used.
0.5 1.0




  • Characters with the mission width Laying Low in the Limelight will automatically complete that one and receive this one immediately, regardless of location.
  • This mission is unusual in that there is no report, it just transitions into width Marquard's Wake
  • Che makes a reference to New Jerusalem[1].





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